Anna University Chennai || Question Bank || Programming Paradigm || Important 2 marks & 16 Marks

                       Anna university Chennai has Program Paradigm subject in 5th semester for CSE department. This subject is related with java language. This subject have 5 Units named

                                 *  Object oriented programming-Fundamentals
                                 *  Object oriented programming-Inheritance
                                 *  Event driven Programming
                                 *  Generic programming
                                 *  Concurrent programming

                        Here we are providing you Question bank for Programming Paradigm subject. These question bank contains important 2 marks and 16 marks.

                       So use the following question bank for studying important 2 marks and 16 marks in Programming Paradigm and get more marks. Use the following download link to download important 2 mark and 16 mark, question bank for programming paradigm.

2 & 16 Marks for PP

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